Hans Rottenhammer (1564 – 1625),attr.

Madonna with child and Saint John

Oil on copper, 19 x 16

With frame, cm 31,5 x 29,5

Hans Rottenhammer (Munich, 1564 - Augsburg, 1625), attr.

: PS2300558

Hans Rottenhammer (Munich, 1564 - Augsburg, 1625), attr.

Madonna with child and Saint John

Oil on copper, 19 x 16

With frame, cm 31,5 x 29,5

The work in question presents the Virgin with the Child, which continues towards Saint John recognizable for the typical red mantle that surrounds him and for the stick with the scroll reciting "Ecce Agnus Dei". The small copper is distinguished by the preciousness of the elements, starting from the sumptuous clothing of the Madonna with the curled sleeves and embellished with a brooch. The draperies, falcated by sharp lines, are visible especially in the dress, but also in the veil from the thin and rippled fabric in a thousand folds, that surrounds the head leaving uncovered a small portion of hair that open on the face with a central decryption. The surrender of the incarnates also becomes precious in the distinction between the ethereal and rosy ones of the Madonna and the Child and the darker one of Saint John, as if to emphasize the divine and earthly nature of the characters.

The profusion of gold used in the background echoes the luminous beams that indicate the divine nature of the Virgin and Child.

In particular, copper shows many points in common with the painting of Hans Rottenhammer (1564-1625), an artist born in Munich, a pupil of Hans Donauer. He travelled to Italy, coming into contact with the Bambocciante painting in Rome and collaborating with other Flemish artists established in the capital such as Paul Brill and Jan Brueghel the Elder. He arrived in Venice and was therefore influenced by the Venetian landscape.

The corpus of works by Hans Rottenhammer consists mostly of small, religious or mythological works that are distinguished by the high quality and precision of the details despite the small size of the media used, as well as for the marked use of references to the works of Tintoretto, Veronese and other masters of the Venetian color.

In Christie’s auction, (London, Lot.32, July 10, 2009) a copper with the same representation of the here present, but of lesser quality: in fact it is attributed to the circle of Hans Rottenhammer. Always in auction, but this time Sotheby’s (lot. 1320 September 2023) is beaten a Madonna with Child and Saint John of Hans Rottenhammer the old, analogous to the representation under examination for composition and quality of the pictorial rendering, but with slightly different colors. The laying of the Virgin in the examples just presented and therefore also in the copper under examination find evident parallels in the Rest in the Flight into Egypt by Hans Rottenhammer preserved in Kassel, Museum Schloss Wilhelmshöhe, Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister.

The object is in good condition

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