Flemish School, 17th century

Live nature couple with animals

Oil on canvas, cm 25 x 35

With frame, cm 37 x 48

Flemish School, 17th century

Flemish School, 17th century

Live nature couple with animals

Oil on canvas, cm 25 x 35 - With frame cm 37 x 48

The pair of canvases in question depicts two excited moments of hunting; in the first work there are a hare and swans trying to escape from the predator, a large raptor that is gliding towards the critters, which try to hide behind a shrub, the others to jump into the water. In the second scene, on the other hand, there is a close encounter between a fox and a family of birds: the fox snaps at the neck of the cock that turns a last look towards the partner and the small chicks and through a gesture with the wing tries to remove them. The excitement and realism of the events is opposed to a bucolic and rural landscape with warm and full-bodied tones. The green is the master, from the soft grass that covers the earthy clods to the green shrubs. The background, undefined to give greater emphasis to the episode of the first floor, presents a fortified city, in which you can observe a tower, the walls and other towers. Also the colors of the coat of the animals well adapt to the soft and warm tones of the landscape, contributing together with the veracity with which they are presented, not only in the dynamic poses, but also in the almost tactile rendering of the soft fur of the hare and the fox, or the plumage of birds, which contributes to the realism of the composition. Precisely for these elements the work can be ascribed to the Flemish school of the seventeenth century. 

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