Ambito di Marco Ricci (1676 – 1730)

Paesaggio con rovine architettoniche

Olio su tela, cm 46 x 59,5 

Con cornice, cm 61, 5 x 76

Ambito di Marco Ricci (Belluno, 1676 – Venezia, 1730)

Within Marco Ricci (Belluno, 1676 - Venice, 1730)

Landscape with architectural ruins

Oil on canvas, cm 46 x 59,5 - With frame, cm 61, 5 x 76

The composition, the stylistic and formal definition refer to the ways of a master active in the circle of Marco Ricci (1676-1730). The analysis of color, the genuine description of the landscape and the figures, allow you to identify the hand of an artist close to Ricci. The delicate bucolic accent suggests the influence of Francesco Zuccarelli (1702 - 1788) and Giuseppe Zais (1709 - 1784), interpreters of that Arcadian taste characterized by measured scenic layout and luminous counterpoints. Born in Belluno on 5 June 1676, nephew of Sebastiano (1659 - 1734), Marco began his education under his uncle, immediately encountering the influence of artists such as Alessandro Magnasco (1667 - 1749). He distinguished himself as a young man for his quarrel, so much so that after participating in a fight that ended in a murder, he had to take refuge in Split, where he worked in the workshop of a landscape painter who can be identified probably with the painter Antonio Francesco Peruzzini. It is certain that he immediately turned to landscape painting looking for bright compositions, rich in atmospheric effects. Decisive for his painting was the influence of Salvator Rosa and Alessandro Magnasco, from whom he derived a frayed brush stroke, increasingly rapid, free and loose. In 1708 he followed Charles Montagu, Earl of Manchester, to London where he was invited, together with Giovanni Antonio Pellegrini, to prepare sets for Italian opera in the Queen’s Theatre in Haymarket.

Returning to Venice at the end of 1710, due, it seems, to a quarrel with Pellegrini, in addition to continuing the scenic activity continued to devote himself to landscape painting and ruins, from 1711 to 1714 was again in London, this time in the company of his uncle Sebastiano. He settled permanently in Venice as a member of the Fraglia dei pittori in 1726 and 1727, living in the cozy house of his uncle, with whom he lived until his death. A painter with an impetuous character, a particular character, a little crazy for some traits, Marco Ricci is a landscape painter of great quality, with a quick and fast but intense brushstroke, always vibrant, in search of the atmospheric data and the strength of nature, evident traits in the paintings prepared as a comparison the pair of paintings in the Museum of Belluno depicting landscape with cows grazing and landscape with ruins, in which you can see the same elongated figures that inhabit the whims; still some canvases gone to the enchantment as Roman ruins, Classic capriccio with ruins, Capriccio with Roman ruins, Capriccio with ruins and statue of Mario.

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