Ars Antiqua opens in 2000 following the initiative of Federico and Francesco Bulgarini. The gallery stands out for its desire to give primary importance to the study of ancient works of art – sculptures, furniture and paintings – by making a selection based on artistic specificity and historical contextualization. A further section dedicated to modern and contemporary art completes the view on the art world.

Every year there are numerous presences in the main national and international antique fairs.

Ars Antiqua has also successfully inaugurated a live television broadcast in which not only the sale of works of art is carried out, but experts in the field, art historians, museum directors and Italian associations present rediscovered masterpieces and ongoing events.
The gallery therefore aims to pursue a cultural purpose, promoting artistic knowledge through exhibitions in public spaces, organized visits to current exhibitions, conferences and meetings with institutions and academies. The most significant collaborations include the Gallerie d’Italia (Milan), the Museum of Art and Science Gottfried Matthaes (Milan), the Amedeo Lia Museum (La Spezia), Villa Necchi Campiglio (Milan), the Accademia di Carrara ( Bergamo) and Palazzo Martinengo (Brescia).

Ars Antiqua is a member of the FIMA Italian Federation of Art Merchants and the Milanese Antiquarian Association.



Mobile +39 3479735757

Ars Antiqua opened in 2000 on the initiative of Federico Bulgarini, graduated in Modern Literature with a Historic-Artistic address and then specialized in the same address at the University of Milan.

He is also a member of the Lombard Board of Expert Consultants, Card No. 5521


Graduated in History of Art in Pavia, she has been collaborating with Ars Antiqua since 2012.

First contact with the customer and deals directly with the sales and purchasing management procedures of the Ancient Art and 19th Century sector.


Conservation of works and relationships with restoration laboratories.



Mobile +39 3478218229

In Ars Antiqua since 2005, Francesco has a degree in architecture from the Milan Polytechnic, with a specialization in Interior Design.
Registered in the Order, he is particularly attentive to the study and distribution of spaces, ensuring that the work of art can be admired and valued to the best of its potential.


Graduated in History of Art, collaborates with Ars Antiqua from 2018.

It deals directly with the management of sales and purchases of the Modern and Contemporary Art sector.


It takes care of the management of the works: from the taking over, to the organization of the warehouse, from the transports to the practices of free export to the preparation of the stands of fairs and exhibitions.
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